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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

I like KDE, but what I see:

bash-3.2# yum remove *gnome*  

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch    Version                       Repository  Size 
 NetworkManager-gnome    i386    1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4326.fc10     installed  889 k 
 PolicyKit-gnome         i386    0.9-3.fc10                    installed  398 k 
 PolicyKit-gnome-libs    i386    0.9-3.fc10                    installed   40 k 
 bluez-gnome             i386    1.8-8.fc10                    installed  632 k 
 fedora-gnome-theme      noarch  8.0.0-7.fc10                  installed   18 k 
 gnome-desktop           i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  2.7 M 
 gnome-icon-theme        noarch  2.24.0-1.fc10                 installed   11 M 
 gnome-keyring           i386    2.24.1-1.fc10                 installed  2.3 M 
 gnome-keyring-pam       i386    2.24.1-1.fc10                 installed   32 k 
 gnome-menus             i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  680 k 
 gnome-mime-data         noarch  2.18.0-3.fc10                 installed  3.5 M 
 gnome-mount             i386    0.8-1.fc9                     installed  575 k 
 gnome-panel             i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  9.3 M 
 gnome-panel-libs        i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed   56 k 
 gnome-python2           i386    2.22.3-1.fc10                 installed   95 k 
 gnome-python2-bonobo    i386    2.22.3-1.fc10                 installed  317 k 
 gnome-python2-canvas    i386    2.22.3-1.fc10                 installed   60 k 
 gnome-python2-extras    i386    2.19.1-25.fc10                installed  260 k 
 gnome-python2-gnome     i386    2.22.3-1.fc10                 installed  306 k 
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386    2.22.3-1.fc10                 installed  301 k 
 gnome-python2-gtkhtml2  i386    2.19.1-25.fc10                installed   18 k 
 gnome-session           i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  1.8 M 
 gnome-session-xsession  i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  4.6 k 
 gnome-settings-daemon   i386    2.24.1-3.fc10                 installed  1.7 M 
 gnome-themes            noarch  2.24.1-1.fc10                 installed  3.9 M 
 gnome-vfs2              i386    2.24.0-3.fc10                 installed  3.1 M 
 libgail-gnome           i386    1.20.1-1.fc10                 installed   50 k 
 libgnome                i386    2.24.1-7.fc10                 installed  2.8 M 
 libgnomecanvas          i386               installed  829 k 
 libgnomekbd             i386    2.24.0-1.fc10                 installed  629 k 
 libgnomeui              i386    2.24.0-2.fc10                 installed  3.4 M 
 nodoka-theme-gnome      noarch  0.3.90-2.fc10                 installed   19 k 
Removing for dependencies:                                                      
 bluez                   i386    4.19-1.fc10                   installed  979 k 
 control-center          i386    1:             installed  7.1 M 
 eel2                    i386    2.24.1-4.fc10                 installed  704 k 
 evolution-data-server   i386    2.24.2-1.fc10                 installed   11 M 
 fedora-icon-theme       noarch  1.0.0-4.fc10                  installed  114 k
 firefox                 i386    3.0.5-1.fc10                  installed   14 M
 firstboot               i386    1.102-1.fc10                  installed  652 k
 gdm                     i386    1:2.24.0-12.fc10              installed  3.2 M
 gtkhtml2                i386    2.11.1-4.fc10                 installed  441 k
 gtkhtml3                i386    3.24.2-1.fc10                 installed  3.3 M
 gvfs                    i386    1.0.3-4.fc10                  installed  3.2 M
 gvfs-obexftp            i386    1.0.3-4.fc10                  installed  131 k
 kdeutils                i386    6:4.1.3-1.fc10                installed  5.6 M
 krb5-auth-dialog        i386    0.7-7.fc9                     installed   52 k
 libbonoboui             i386    2.24.0-1.fc10                 installed  1.1 M
 mysql-query-browser     i386    5.0r12-9.fc10                 installed  4.3 M
 plymouth-gdm-hooks      i386    0.6.0-0.2008.11.17.3.fc10     installed   171
 policycoreutils-gui     i386    2.0.57-14.fc10                installed  666 k
 setroubleshoot          noarch  2.0.12-3.fc10                 installed  275 k
 system-config-date      noarch  1.9.34-1.fc10                 installed  3.8 M
 system-config-keyboard  noarch  1.2.15-4.fc10                 installed  189 k
 system-config-network   noarch  1.5.93-2.fc10                 installed  1.8 M
 system-config-printer   i386    1.0.12-2.fc10                 installed  1.6 M
 system-config-samba     noarch  1.2.67-3.fc10                 installed  2.1 M
 system-config-services  noarch  0.99.28-3.fc10                installed  1.5 M
 xine-lib-extras         i386    1.1.15-3.fc10                 installed  197 k
 xulrunner               i386                installed   22 M
 zenity                  i386    2.24.0-2.fc10                 installed  3.2 M

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