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Re: midi question

On Friday 26 December 2008, Paul (draeath) wrote:
>You would need to use the awesfx package (gone from Fedora 10)

Unless you have a new, better replacement tool for this, PUT IT BACK IN!

>to load a 
> soundfont file to your card first.
>There is another forum post and a few redhat bugs related to this - someone
> decided aesfx was obsolete (it has no replacement...) and pulled the
> package.
>This is the documentation on the tool you would be using:
>http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Asfxload [1]
>Once you have a soundfont loaded, your card's MIDI synth would work. You can
> get the soundfonts (*.sf2) from your driver CD, or from a windows install
> that had the drivers installed.
>Newer soundblasters (since the Live! I think) have dropped actual synths in
> favor of these wavetable ones.

And which is this file: CT4MGM.SF2 ?

Cheers, Gene
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