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Re[2]: Unable to login after latest FC10 updates (i386 on Dell GX270)

Hello Toma,

Friday, December 26, 2008, 6:11:43 AM, you wrote:

> Hi, everybody!
> So, I,m not alone in this problem.
> I'm runin' F10 on an old IBM Intellistation,
> IDE HDD(originally it was SCSI)
> 600MHz CPU & 500 Mb RAM,
> after Ubuntu 8.04,that was working  fine.
> After installing F10, installed all security updates,
> and one(1) debug update(bug icon).
> All went O.K. till I restarted it.
> After restart, boot proces went fine, but log in screen hangs up.
> No active buttons, no text, just white fields on F10 wallpaper. It is impossible to interact.
> I tried to reinstall F10 3 times, but, always the same story.
> Can anybody help?
> Thanks!


My Dell GX270 is an Intel GPU.  It appears that in the first week of
December something broke (or exposed an existing bug that broke)
either the X-windows server or lots of drivers.

If you type "a" during the boot sequence and then append a "3" to the
grub command line you can log into your system in text (non-X) mode.
"yum update" from the command line will install all ready updates...
unfortunately there isn't one yet that fixes this problem.

All I can advise is patience.  The good news is that enough folks are
broken 100% of the time that ajax and crew should be able to track
down and fix this problem (perhaps after the holidays).

I'm lucky that my other two Linux installs are on ATI GPUs, but using
the VESA driver (which isn't accelerated and does not seem to be

Good luck,

Best regards,
 Al                            mailto:al dunsmuir sympatico ca

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