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Re: E-mail Server

Bryan Hepworth wrote:
> Leon
> I'd echo what Greg said.
> I've used sendmail and postfix - sendmail was my first foray into email
> and served me very well. The bat book as pointed out is a must, it helps
> you understand how things  fit together and was my reference when I
> started ~ 2000/2001. That mailserver was retired last year and postfix
> took it's place. Looking back on the past year there haven't really been
> any showstoppers. Mail goes into maildirs now which does help. There's
> an oreilly postfix book that I bought to give me a leg up on the
> changes. Dovecot works well for us from the client picking up email
> aspect. cacert.org also does free certificates which you might want to
> look into.
> Whatever you choose it's well worth the effort for reliable mail
> services - I've never looked back since changing the Windows box all
> those years ago which was anything but reliable!
> I did document out all the changes I made along the way. There was a
> couple of people on the RedHat lists that were good on email questions.
> I guess just ask specifics once you get going.
> Bryan
Let me also chime in on recommending Postfix. Unless you are doing
something really unusual, Postfix is going to do the job, and is
much easier to configure. With the exception of minor changes, if
you are going to configure Sendmail, figure on learning what amounts
to another programming language. I just do not think it is worth the

I used to be active on one of the Sendmail support lists, so I sort
of know how to configure Sendmail. The move to Postfix made my life
a lot simpler.


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