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Catch-22 : wide monitor

	Last time a monitor bit the dust on me, the local shops were 
already carrying wide ones all but exclusively, blast them -- such 
dimensions were mythical beasts when even the newest of my machines were 

	After much tedious labor and more bitter cursing, I got Fedora 
*and* the monitor (HP w2207h) to agree to a compromise. Fedora treats it 
as a 1680x1050 flat panel LCD, but with a choice to *use* it in 1280x1024 

	And all the machines in the house but two are cheerfully running 
F10 that way -- all but two, my wife's and my main one. Those are the 
ones I always upgrade last -- hers because she's writing whole books on 
it, and I do elaborate multiple backups before any big change; and mine 
because it has a second hard drive with XP installed. (I have yet to 
manage to get any of my GPSs to talk with any of my proprietary topo map 
software under wine or CXO.)

	Today I decided to tackle my main machine. Anaconda launches -- 
but before it starts asking about language, keyboard, etc, I get the 
dread "signal out of range; set to 1680x1050". But it has never ever yet 
let me get to the normal means of resetting the display. All I can do is 
hit the reset button, and start over.

	I know there is some slick trick for getting around this, which 
always seems adequate when I recall or reconstruct it; but I don't recall 

	Clue, please, someone??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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