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Re: how to play an audio cd?

slamp slamp wrote:
> is anyone successful in playing an audio cd? i insert an audio cd,
> fedora 10 nicely asks what i want to do, i select open in rhythmbox
> but it does nothing. i tried audacious but that does not play either.
> sound juicer is able to play the audio cd but sound juicer is not an
> audio player. ive replaced my xp desktop with fedora and loving it but
> im surprised that something as simple as playing an audio cd is not
> working for the 10th iteration of fedora. im a big fan of linux as a
> whole and i can handle a bug like this but someone not as computer
> literate as i am although im no expert would be turned away in an
> instant.
By "does nothing" do you really mean "nothing"?  Or, does the cd spin
the timer counts but not sound?

I've not played audio cd's in a long time....but I do recall that some
players expect the audio plug of the cdplayer be connected by wire to
the sound card.  That is the way I have my system configured....and I
also need to enable the cd in the mixer.  I use kmix.

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