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Re: Ok. I need a better education about kde functionality.

On Friday 26 December 2008 17:21:51 Steven W. Orr wrote:
> I'm looking at keyboard shortcuts and I have no idea what some of the
> functions are. I don't see any documentation on it at all, so I suppose
> this is the right place to ask.
> * There's a function called "Switch to Screen $ii" for ii in 0 to 7.
> What pray tell is a "screen". I know it's not a Desktop.
> * I have a few effects turned on. What is Toggle Expose Effect and Toggle
> Sharpen Effect? They don't seem to do anything obvious.
> * I found some arrows that seem to be drawn with Meta+Shift+Ctrl. What is
> that?
These questions are outside my level of competence.  I can only suggest that 
you google for them and include the word 'kwin' in your query..

> * And my last question (for tonight) is: What is an activity? 


> I do
> understand that kde4 is a work in progress and I am honored to be a
> guinea pig, but when it's done, what will I be thrilled to be doing with
> it? 

Discovering a myriad of small things that make your work more efficient - but 
they are not always immediately apparent.  You have to be prepared to learn 

> It seems like I can have a desktop with multiple widget configurations,
> but is that a good thing?
As with everything else - it depends on what you elect to do with it.


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