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Where is dvb-utils for Fedora 8?

I am using Fedora 8 with a usb HDTV tuner. It works great with xine (I
copied the channels.conf file from another computer), but I cannot get
kaffeine to work. Kaffeine sees the tuner (/dev/dvb/adapter0) but in dvb
configure, the "source" box is always empty - it should show the atsc
scan frequency list that is provided and exists in the appropriate
directory. (Kaffeine works perfectly in Ubuntu 8.10 on another laptop
using the same tuner.) Without the source, Kaffeine can't scan for ATSC
digital channels. It won't let you type in a path and file name.

I thought possibly that the dvb-utils package was needed (installed for
Ubuntu), but I cannot find an rpm (doesn't show up when using yumex).
This package includes the "scan" utility and several others.

Any idea on what is going wrong with Kaffeine? The computer is
completely up-to-date and I tried uninstalling and re-installing

Rick B.

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