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Re: Disk Problems: Advice Welcome

RGH wrote:
> I've been having some strange, but fairly predictable, problems with the
> disks in my system. If disk activity is very heavy for a long
> time---say, I'm downloading a lot of stuff---then, at some point, I
> start to get disk errors and the system will all but freeze up. The
> first sign is often an error from syslogd, saying it can't write to the
> log, but I can also get similar errors from (e.g.) akregator, saying it
> can't write to some file under $HOME. Other operations may continue to
> function at this time: E.g., the download will continue, and I can even
> start another one. But attempts to run commands can abort with
> "Input/Output error"---though not all commands may show this problem.
> This looks to me like some kind of hardware issue, but I'm not
> experienced here. Any advice welcome, especially concerning what I might
> do, other than replace the (expensive WD Raptor) disk.
> Richard
You should check ventilation around the drive - is the drive getting
 electronics getting hot? If the drive has a temperature sensor, try
monitoring it. (hddtemp) If possible, also monitor the power supply
output. You may be loading it down too much with heavy disk
activity. (A meter on the drive power cable, if you can.)


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