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Re: Wha hoppena QTparted??!!

On Sunday 28 December 2008 15:08:56 Beartooth wrote:
> 	My main #1 machine has two hard drives, one with a brand new, not
> yet usable install of F10, and one (alas!) that still has XP (for making
> proprietary map software talk to my GPSs).
Hi, Beartooth.  Do some googling for OpenStreetMap, JOSM, and GPSBabel.  Maybe 
you won't need XP for much longer.

> 	Formerly, running QTparted against it (not using QTparted, just
> launching it!) would show both drives, labeled with logos.
> 	That was invaluable whenever I upgraded Fedora or installed it
> anew -- I'm exactly the sort of guy who says Walter when I mean Wolfram,
> or Goethe when I mean Schiller; it would be just like me to get my hard
> drives backward, thus wiping out ten years of hoarded GPS data.
> 	Now it only shows one hard drive! Why? Why??
I can't answer that, but I know what you mean about the anxiety.  I always run 
df -h and note my partitions from there.  If you have unmounted partitions 
that must be included, try mounting them as /mnt/tmp1, /mnt/tmp2 etc., so that 
you can identify them.

Remember that 'fdisk -l' will list your partitions and the type, so you can 
easily see whether you have accounted for all of them.



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