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Re: kudzu replacement

On Sun, 28 Dec 2008 17:14:33 -0700
don fisher wrote:

> I have upgraded my computer and wish to update the hardware 
> configuration. Kudzu did this in previous releases. What now takes the 
> place of the /etc/sysconfig/hwconf file? If this has been superseded, 
> please advise as to new application.

I don't think there is anything specific you need to run. The haldaemon
is supposed to "just work" and figure out everything, however it does
do annoying things like write files with names like:


So if you replace your CD drive, the new one doesn't have the same device
name as the old one until you fiddle with the persistent rule files.
There is probably a similar one for network interfaces and maybe other
things as well.

You might also have to do magic voo-doo with mkinitrd from a rescue
mode boot in order to load new drivers you might need in the
initial initrd image (but I'm not sure exactly what that voo-doo
is, since I've never done it).

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