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Fedora on Asus M3N78-EM, anyone?


my motherboard just died, so I'm shopping for an urgent replacement which
should be (of course) 100% Fedora compatible. Right now, the best solution
(*) *may* be the ASUS M3N78-EM, which has an on-board nVidia geforce 8300

I have already searched with google, of course, but honnestly haven't
found (or recognized, at least) enough information to understand if all
the hw of this motherboard will work without problems with F9 or F10
x86_64 and if/what special tweaking would be needed to
make it work: while I'd really, really like to not recompile kernel or
drivers unless I'm forced to do it, I have no problem to mess with config
files and such, as long as I know from the start that the hw is

So, what do you say? Would this be a good choice for a Fedora box? Any
feedback is welcome!


(*) as in "the cheapest card which is available at the corner store, since
I MUST restore that PC asap to work on it; is physically compatible with
the CPU and case I already have; has firewire and all the other I/Os I

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