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Re: Unable to login after latest FC10 updates (i386 on Dell GX270)

Al Dunsmuir wrote:
Waleed, on Friday, December 26, 2008, 2:36:39 PM, you wrote:

Try reinstall the driver for your ATI. Then change the driver
name in xorg.conf file from VESA to ATIXXXX < driver name.
After that switch to level 5 via init 5 command.

Waleed Harbi

The whole point is that for both the Intel and ATI device-specific
drivers, the latest X-org is badly broken for many folks.  The
generic VESA works, so the problem is probably triggered when the
device-specific drivers run acceleration or 3D-specific functions.

Once the bugs are fixed in the device-specific drives, I will certainly
be trying them out.. but right now I need the other units to be fully


I tried now with the latest x11 ati driver update and it works again with the radeon driver.

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