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Customised F10 iso with updated packages - how?

I decided naively that it would be nice to make a new version of the f10 DVD
iso that included the packages that were updated since F10 release - a
personal re-spin if you like.  However despite trying to google for jigdo
options, as well as revisor and pungi I am now rather confused as to whether
it is a job that can be done without too much effort.

What I naively thought was that I could loop mount the original F10 DVD iso
and then run jigdo-file to create a modified iso using the rpm files in
/var/cache/yum/updates/packages/ to generate new .jigdo and .template files
that could then be used by jigdo-lite to generate a respin iso - but it
seems that it is not as simple as that! Perhaps I just did not understand
the documentation I read!

Can anyone point me to a howto that will allow me to create this kind of
"more-current" f10 iso so that further installs on other machines might
a) avoid having to run yum update to pull in lots of files, and only a small
number in updates repors since I create the new iso after the install and 
b) avoid some of the known serious bugs such as the scsi disk non-bootable
machine bug with updated nash/mkinitrd

It would be nice if this were possible for a relatively experienced linux
user but who does not have the detailed knowledge about this specific task.

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