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Re: help! can't login

On 12/29/2008 01:56 PM, Don Raikes wrote:
Hi all,

I have fedora 10 installed on my gateway desktop.
It has been running fine for several weeks.

Over the weekend, I had ot reboot the system, and when the grub boot menu appears, the system just locks up.

I have no keyboard control, and cannot get the system to proceed at all.

There is only one entry in my menu.lst file, which is the same entry that has been there for a month now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This has been discussed in previous threads. I assume that the system is not booting your kernel and GRUB gets as far as "GRUB". In this case, the easiest thing to to is to reinstall grub. You can boot your installation media, and select update existing system. At some point, it will ask you about the boot loader. Select install new boot loader. You should be able to live with this, but to be safe, once you boot successfully, you should probably reinstall GRUB just to get the latest version from the repository.

In my case I also found that I had duplicate entries in my /boot/grub/grub.conf, and the default boot was one of the older kernels, but I fixed that manually.

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