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Re: unsung heros [OT]

jackie wallen wrote:
hello fedora list,

i have been around the linux/open source community for a long time. i haven't been on this list for a while however. let me get to the point. i am a freelance writer for CNET/Techrepublic. i am currently putting together an article "10 Unsung Linux Heros" and am looking for good suggestions for candidates from this and other Linux-related lists.

would anyone care to contribute ideas?

thank you so much (and sorry for being off topic).

I don't know any individual I would consider an unsung hero.

However, I would suggest there are many unsung heros in the linux world.

The people who help others day in and day out on this list are unsung heros. Sharing their knowledge with all and sundry for only the satisfaction of doing it.

The people who develop all the nuts and bolts that make linux the everything and the kitchen sink of operating systems are unsung heros. Not the headliners only, but all the people in the trenches.

Some especially unsung heros are the people who maintain the documentation, build the wikis, create the visual effects, maintain the websites, resolve the problem tickets.

Linux is an ecosystem, and while there might be some folks at the top of the celebrity chain, everyone who contributes is one of your unsung heros.

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