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Re: best video card for fedora 10

Don Raikes wrote:
> The ati radeon video card on my gateway desktop has failed, so I am
> starting to look for a new video card, and am wondering which is the best
> for fedora 10.
> I will do most of my workin console mode ( run level 3), and some work in
> the gnome desktop.
> I am not a gamer of any sort, and do not plan on watching many (if any
> dvd's) on it. I just need basic video capabilities, and don't want ot
> spend a ton of money.

You want another Radeon, one of the cheaper ones which are also supported by
the Free Software drivers.

This is the current status:
The Radeon 7000 - X1950 range is what you're looking for. Most likely you
want something on the lower end of the scale, given your requirements.

Don't buy a Radeon in the X/HD 2000 - X/HD 4870 range though:
* Those are not supported by the Free drivers yet, only by a buggy
proprietary driver which last I checked was reported not to work on Fedora
10 at all. The DRI status page claims that "first working 3D snapshot
drivers are probably available by the end of 2008", but it's almost the end
of 2008 already and no such thing is in sight.
* They're also too expensive and powerful for the kind of use you're

And whatever you do, DON'T BUY NVIDIA!

        Kevin Kofler

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