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Re: X with no KDE

On Monday, Dec 29th 2008 at 23:21 -0000, quoth Dave Feustel:

=>Is it possible to run X with no KDE software installed?
=>If yes, how would the KDE software be deleted?
=>(And how would it be restored if I changed my mind?)

Sure! A quick look at things in the Everything directory that have the 
magic letter "wm" in them shows twm, fvwm, icewm, pekwm, wmx and after 
that I'm sure there are more that don't have wm in theiur names ;-)

You're welcome to delete as many packages as you like and then reinstall 
them later on, but first a few basic questions need to be asked:

Why are you deleting them? Is it to see how much space you can save? How 
many packages you can delete? Your better bet would be to use rpm to 
answer the questions about dependancies to first get an idea of what 
you're trying to do.

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