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Re: best video card for fedora 10

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> VESA, nv, nouveau, and nvidia (with 3 different versions for various
> cards) for nVidia hardware, the last one (three) is (are) the
> proprietary driver(s).

... and the others don't have working 3D acceleration, VESA and (I think) nv
don't even have 2D XRender acceleration.

> VESA, ati, radeon, radeonhd, and fglrx for ATI hardware, the last one
> again being the proprietary driver.  My laptop has a Mobility Radeon
> X1600 video chipset which requires the fglrx drivers for best use of
> videos, and I wish to hell it was an nVidia chipset instead on ATI.

Yet you get working 2D (including Xv, which is what you probably care about
the most) and 3D acceleration in the Free (as in speech) radeon driver with
that chipset. As for XvMC, that card doesn't have a UVD chip (only the
Radeon HD cards do), so you don't get XvMC even with the proprietary
driver. When have you last tried the Free radeon driver? If it was before
r5xx acceleration was added (in the F9 updates around June), then of course
it was slow back then, try it again now.

Oh, and some news from the Radeon HD world:
Not ready for production use yet though... And probably no XvMC.

        Kevin Kofler

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