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Re: The volume of audio is too low

Paul Smith wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Nigel Henry
> <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:
>>> After some updates, the volume of audio became too low. Any ideas? I
>>> am using F10.
>> As usual I suspect Pulseaudio as the culprit, as it can be responsible for low
>> volume levels.
>> First though, open alsamixer as user in a terminal, as below.
>> alsamixer -D hw:0
>> Assuming that your card is card0, this should show all sliders for your
>> soundcard. Check for ones like, Master, PCM, Front, CD, which should be up.
>> If all's ok in alsamixer, try disabling Pulseaudio (unless you particularly
>> want it), by removing the package, alsa-plugins-pulseaudio, then reboot, and
>> see if the sound levels are any better.
> Thanks, Nigel and David. After having played a bit with alsamixer, I
> got the audio back to its usual volume. I do not know how was it
> changed without my intervention...


I don't know just why volume levels change. And I am sorry for my
sarcastic post. Well. A little.  ;-)

Pulseaudio, a utility used to set different audio levels for different
sources, works. For me.

To 'remove' Pulseaudio from your Linux install because you are having a
minor problem with it is self-defeating. I mean Linux is supposed to be
better than Microsoft Windows right?

Good that you solved your problem.


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