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Re: The volume of audio is too low

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 6:02 PM, Nigel Henry <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:
On Tuesday 30 December 2008 20:18, Paul Smith wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 5:39 PM, Nigel Henry
> <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:
> >> After some updates, the volume of audio became too low. Any ideas? I
> >> am using F10.
> >
> > As usual I suspect Pulseaudio as the culprit, as it can be responsible
> > for low volume levels.
> >
> > First though, open alsamixer as user in a terminal, as below.
> >
> > alsamixer -D hw:0
> >
> > Assuming that your card is card0, this should show all sliders for your
> > soundcard. Check for ones like, Master, PCM, Front, CD, which should be
> > up.
> >
> > If all's ok in alsamixer, try disabling Pulseaudio (unless you
> > particularly want it), by removing the package, alsa-plugins-pulseaudio,
> > then reboot, and see if the sound levels are any better.
> Thanks, Nigel and David. After having played a bit with alsamixer, I
> got the audio back to its usual volume. I do not know how was it
> changed without my intervention...
> Paul

Audio on Linux can be a bit like playing with the dark arts at times.
Muttering various incantions, while slaughtering a chicken, and fiddling with
the alsamixer controls, all at the same time.

Nice to see you've got the sounds back to how they were before the updates

If you want to check on what the last updates were, run the command below as
user. (scroll to the top of the list for the latest updates)
rpm -q -a --last

Perhaps I've just got it in for pulseaudio, but I'd guess there are pulseaudio
updates showing there. I don't have an F10 install yet, so can't verify that.

All the best.

Sorry, but you guessed wrongly. The new kernel comes with a new alsa-driver (1.0.18a).

Every time alsa-driver changes my volumes also go down. This has nothing to do with pulseaudio.

People need to understand that alsa is very complicate.  It needs to deal with hundreds of different hardwares. Sometimes, they change some defaults and break something for someone.
C'est la vie. With or without pulseaudio, alsa continues to be complicated and having a lot
of problems. If you are lucky to be in the set of users well supported, good. Otherwise,
the road to the fixes is very long ...

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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