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system-config-keyboard depends on firstboot?

I have a system with extremely limited mass storage. So I went hunting
for anything I might remove to save disk space. Anyway, I thought to
myself, "Self, firstboot doesn't do anything useful anymore; let's
remove it!"

But yum tells me that removing firstboot will take
system-config-keyboard with it. Not that I necessarily need
system-config-keyboard, but I'm perplexed -- I would have thought that
the dependency was the other way around.

Does anybody understand why this odd dependency?

By the way, the system is a EeePC 900A with 4GB of flash for an
internal "disk." And I have to say, I'm extremely pleased, overall.
Everything just works, even the wireless. And I don't even have any
complaints about NetworkManager, if that's possible. I haven't had to
fool with a single config file yet.

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