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Re: Ipod, what Fedora App. will sync with.

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 11:09:56AM -0500, Jim wrote:
> FC 8
> What Fedora application can I successfully sync my Ipod with ??

There isn't support for the newest iPods like the 4th-generation 8GB
Nanos in current libgpod, gtkpod, and rhythmbox.  My wife got one of
these for Christmas and I spent a significant amount of time getting
it working for her.

You can find SRPMS for those here, but I've only built these for
Fedora 10.  You're welcome to try rebuilding them for F8 but I can't
make any promises or offer tech support.  Caveat emptor!


I then rebuilt the rhythmbox already in CVS against the new libgpod,
too.  I would expect that you'll see some sort of update for F-9 and
F-10 down the road a bit to support all these newer models.

The banshee application had some support, but:
* wouldn't load podcasts
* continually screwed up the cover art database

My rebuilt gtkpod thus far had the fewest problems, especially after I
read the included documentation in

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