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Re: Ipod, what Fedora App. will sync with.

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> There isn't support for the newest iPods like the 4th-generation 8GB
> Nanos in current libgpod, gtkpod, and rhythmbox.  My wife got one of
> these for Christmas and I spent a significant amount of time getting
> it working for her.

Other than some artwork issues, libgpod-0.6.0 should support those
iPod's.  The apps which use libgpod may not offer those models in
their ipod selections, but the support hasn't changed much other than
the artwork support -- which I understand is mostly related to cover

> You can find SRPMS for those here, but I've only built these for
> Fedora 10.  You're welcome to try rebuilding them for F8 but I can't
> make any promises or offer tech support.  Caveat emptor!
> http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/packages/SRPMS/libgpod-0.7.0-0.1svn2184.fc10.src.rpm
> http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/packages/SRPMS/gtkpod-0.99.13-0.1svn2184.fc10.src.rpm

Hey, those are some fresh builds Paul! :)

Perhaps it's better to build libgpod-0.7.0rc1 (which is just a little
bit older, but upstream we'd like the testing).  I've built packages,
but haven't put them up anywhere yet.  I'll have to build for x86_64
and post them to my fedorapeople.org account.

I'll work on building libgpod-0.7.0rc1, gtkpod-0.99.13SVN, and
rhythmbox for x86_64 and post those builds along with the i386 builds
that I have already done in the next few days.

> I then rebuilt the rhythmbox already in CVS against the new libgpod,
> too.  I would expect that you'll see some sort of update for F-9 and
> F-10 down the road a bit to support all these newer models.

We expect to have libgpod-0.7.0 released sometime in the next few
weeks, FWIW.  Once released, I'll build these for rawhide as quickly
as possible.  Hopefully after some testing there, we'll push updates
back to F-10 (and *maybe* F-9).

> My rebuilt gtkpod thus far had the fewest problems, especially after
> I read the included documentation in
> /usr/share/gtkpod/doc/the-sysinfo-file.html.

You really shouldn't have to do any of this manually.  If you do, then
there's a bug with the libgpod HAL support.  I've had a few random
reports of this sort, but no one yet has been able to help pinpoint
what might have gone wrong so we haven't been able to find and fix any
bugs that might be present there.  The goal is that plugging in an
iPod should cause libgpod's hal callout to setup the SysInfoExtended
file automagically.  Any help in identifying cases where this does not
work would be greatly appreciated.  I'll do my best to make sure that
we get such things fixed upstream so everyone can benefit. :)

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