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Re: is KDE dead - did Gnome win?

On Tuesday 30 December 2008 14:00:22 Ian Pilcher wrote:
> Proper dual-head support is the omission that affects me the most right
> now.

I tried to find out the current state of this, for you.  Here are the replies 
I've received so far:

1) Dual monitor as in Xinerama or NVidia's TwinView?

I've been using that forever, since I first started using KDE 4. The only 
thing that annoyed me in the beginning was the inability to add a Plasma 
panel to the right screen. That has been fixed for a long while (though 
that might mean it's a KDE 4.2 fix).

2) I had a very bad experience with a dual monitor in KDE4.2b2, and after I 
spoke with a very nice guy in #kwin (his name started with Z, iirc) that 
explaned me that if you start KDE and after you plug-in the monitor and you 
configure it from the System Setting you are using XRenderR that is under 
development but is not complete, while there is a way through Xorg to 
configure correctly the dual monitor (I don't had enough time to test this 

3) My experience: If its setup via xorg.conf statically it works quite well
(can't recall any plasma problems with that). Dynamically enabling a
monitor via xrandr still doesn't work, it crashes kwin endlessly (i.e. its
unusable) and IIRC also plasma still has a problem with that (didn't notice
the new screen and hence didn't setup a containment for it).

I guess that whatever it was I read (probably in a developer's blog) it was 
talking about a new commit that brings this nearer.  It sounds to me as though 
it will not be ready/complete when 4.2 is released.

If I get anything more concrete I'll pass it on.


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