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Re: OT: Web design applications

On Wednesday 31 December 2008 15:28:25 Craig White wrote:
> I am pretty much a quanta person (kdewebdev package) and my second
> choice for pure html editing is bluefish. The last time I used nvu, it
> was OK but nothing to jump through hoops over.
It was really a matter of language - when they list menu paths or mention a 
button-name.  When you're doing something for the first time you're not 
entirely sure that the thing you think is equivalent actually is :-)

> for building packages, you are going to need at least...
> yum install gcc-c++ gcc autoconf
> # should bring in other requisite libraries
> and depending upon the library needs for the package you are building,
> probably gtk2-devel and others
> personally, I would just recommend you install/use kdewebdev (Quanta) or
> Bluefish

I had come to the conclusion that it was worth a try.  I have both quanta and 
bluefish installed, and I fired up quanta.  For the most part I managed the 
first part - the ui design - except for almost the last thing where it asks 
for a text area.  I added that but it says to set it to 5 rows by 40 columns.  
Unlike the text entry boxes I didn't get a properties box when I added that.  
How do you do that?  Thanks


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