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RE: weird graphics characters when logged into runlevel 3

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Subject: Re: weird graphics characters when logged into runlevel 3

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Don Raikes wrote:

> When I boot into run level 3 (console mode), I "see" a lot of random
> graphics characters on my display.

not being able to view your screen makes replying with any more helpful answer.

> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

what happens if you enter 'clear'?

When I enter clear, the visible display (brltty) seems ok for a few minutes or perhaps a few lines, then I run into the lines again.

My son was watching the system while it was rebooting the other day, and he said that the display is all messed up even as it is rebooting. I think perhaps my video card is failing.
also, being curious about assistance for impaired vision, i ran a google-linux
search of 'brltty' which yielded 27,900 hits. on first page, i found a link,

https://lists.linux-foundation.org/ \

with a link to brltty mailing list.


if not already on list, you might give it a try.

much luck to you.

peace out.



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