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Re: Way OT: DIY printer repair

On Wednesday 31 December 2008, Andrew Robinson wrote:
>The paper grabber on my Samsung ML-1710 laser printer has stopped
>grabbing paper. The printer errors out on just about every sheet. I
>certainly have gotten my money's worth out of this printer, but if I
>could fix it, that would be very cool. Anyone know of any links or sites
>that would direct me in determining if the printer is fixable and how to
>do so?
Most of those things are made of some sort of elastomer that has a very high 
grab when laid on the paper. Usually grey colored.

Unforch, there is one thing they are not immune to, and that is junk quality 
paper whose white clay coating comes off and sticks to them destroying their 
ability to control the paper.

You will have to take it apart enough to get a q-tip onto them.  Try it first 
with water as the stuff is somewhat water soluable.  If a lot of scrubbing 
doesn't seem to be doing it, you might want to try some paint thinner 
alcohol, which would disolve the binding agent faster, but may also effect 
the elastomer itself.

I have an old Epson C82 sitting about 2 feet from me that I had to do that to 
about 7 or 8 years ago when I fed it a ream of some sort of recycled cheap  
walmart paper.  It was messed up in about 25 sheets.  I cleaned it up, and 
have never fed it paper at less than $7 a ream since, and its still toddling 
along quite nicely.  Probably on the far side of 100 reams have been fed 
through it since.  Its a hocky puck, I can't break it.
>Andrew Robinson

Cheers, Gene
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