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Re: Yet More Yum Woe

On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 20:08:00 +0000 (UTC), Beartooth wrote:

>         "yum update" on one of my F10 machines looks all right, even 
> through the download -- and then I get this :
> (39/39): perl-5.10.0-52.fc10.i386.rpm                    |  14 MB 01:24
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Total                                           140 kB/s |  44 MB 05:18
> ============================== Entering rpm code ========================
> Running rpm_check_debug
> ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:
> mono(gdk-sharp) is needed by (installed) sysinfo-0.7-1.i386
> mono(glade-sharp) is needed by (installed) sysinfo-0.7-1.i386
> mono(glib-sharp) is needed by (installed) sysinfo-0.7-1.i386
> mono(gtk-sharp) is needed by (installed) sysinfo-0.7-1.i386

What do you get if you run

  rpm --query --whatprovides 'mono(gtk-sharp)'


  repoquery --whatprovides 'mono(gtk-sharp)'


In case you don't have repoquery yet, you can find it in the "yum-utils"

There has been a gtk-shark2 update recently, and it certainly provides
these four things which are complained about.

"sysinfo" is not found in the Fedora package collection, however.
I wonder whether that might be of importance. If you "rpm -e sysinfo" it
and then try yum update again, any change?

> Complete!
> (1, [u'Please report this error in http://yum.baseurl.org/report'])
>         I haven't the faintest idea what that means; so I google the 
> error line.
> 	It sends me to a wad of sites on Fedora-forum (which I never have 
> been able to use; but I see there are discussions back at least to 2007).
>         So I go to that yum site, and it wants me to register; I try.
>         Three different browsers tell me its certificate is no good, and 
> urge me strongly not to go there.

Still you could choose to go there (and add an exception for the
certificate). ;)
>         I try yum update again; same result. One of the forum threads 
> that I do get to suggests the OP remove something. I try "yum remove 
> mono*" -- and get this :
> Dependencies Resolved
> ================================================================================
>  Package                  Arch      Version Repository      Size
> ================================================================================
> Removing:
>  mono-addins              i386      0.3.1-2.2.fc10         installed 715 k
>  mono-core                i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 25 M
>  mono-data                i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 3.8 M
>  mono-data-sqlite         i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 350 k
>  mono-extras              i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 637 k
>  mono-web                 i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 8.2 M
>  mono-winforms            i386      2.0.1-12.fc10          installed 7.6 M
> Removing for dependencies:
>  evolution-sharp          i386      0.18.1-1.fc10          installed 544 k
>  f-spot                   i386      0.4.4-6.fc10           installed 7.9 M
>  gmime-sharp              i386      2.2.21-1.fc10          installed 194 k
>  gnome-desktop-sharp      i386      2.24.0-3.fc10          installed 780 k
>  gnome-sharp              i386      2.24.0-1.fc10          installed 1.3 M
>  gsf-sharp                i386      0.8.1-8.fc10           installed 140 k
>  gtk-sharp2               i386      2.12.4-1.fc10          installed 2.6 M
>  ndesk-dbus               i386      0.6.1a-2.fc9           installed 126 k
>  ndesk-dbus-glib          i386      0.4.1-3.fc9            installed 11 k
>  sysinfo                  i386      0.7-1                  installed 336 k
>  taglib-sharp             i386         installed 433 k
> Transaction Summary
> ================================================================================
> Install      0 Package(s)
> Update       0 Package(s)
> Remove      18 Package(s)
>         Some of that looks very serious; I don't want to futz with things 
> named sysinfo nor gnome-desktop-*. (I might, but I once did try some such 
> thing, long ago, and it removed yum! I had one devil of a time with 
> that ...)

If it prints a list of what packages it will remove, it won't silently
remove itself.

What makes "yum remove ..." dangerous is that other dependency chains
are much longer and would lead to removing many more packages. Paying
close attention to the printed list and the y/n safety check is
very important.

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