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Re: Linux apps to convert music files to MP3

Jim wrote:
> Mark Haney wrote:
>> Jim wrote:
>>> Does Linux have any Appa for converting music files to MP3 to play on
>>> Ipods.
>> What kind of music files?  CDRipper will do CD's to MP3 (as long as
>> lame is installed).  I'm sure there are others for that.
> I don't want to burn them to CD's.
> I want to convert wav,ogg music files to mp3 to play on a apple Shuffle,
> Since I have started using Linux, I'm getting to be a "tight wad" to
> cheap to pay for MP3s .
CDRipper, Grip and other ripping programs take CD tracks, and
convert them to music files. (Usually .wav files.) The same program
may convert them to .mp3 or .ogg files. In any case, there are
several programs that use lame or notlame to convert between
formats. But you probably will not be happy about the sound quality
when converting between .ogg and .mp3 files. Because of the way they
compress the sound file, each looses some of quality. But they do
not do it the same way, so converting from one to the other results
in a greater loss of quality.


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