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Re: Why has yum behavior changed in F9?

Rex Dieter wrote:
Paolo Galtieri wrote:

Today I installed F9 on an x86_64 laptop which previously was running F8
and so far I find F9 to be a regression from F8. In F8 when I ran:

  yum -y install gtk2

it would install both the i386 version and the x86_64 version of the
package. In F9 it only installs the x86_64 version, I have to explicitly
install the i386 version. Why the regression?

Not regression, change of default behavior.  Many, many folks disliked that.

controlled via conf parameter multilib_policy (in /etc/yum.conf) as
which is the current, default behavior or,
to install all available archs, matching F8.

-- Rex

This option doesn't seem to work. I try to install a package for which there is both an i386 version and an x86_64 version and it still only installs the x86_64 version.


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