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Re: Can't log into KDE on F9, via nx, after recent updates? Error message about kstartupconfig4.

> Mike Burger wrote:
>>> Being that I'm remote, at the moment, I can not test this for local
>>> logins, but this morning, for the first time, I'm having issues
>>> bringing
>>> up my KDE4 desktop via NX on my F9 system...it worked on Friday, and I
>>> believe that there were some updates that came through over the
>>> weekend.
>>> In this case, I'm now getting a message reading:
>>> Could not start kstartupconfig4. Check your installation.
>>> Has anyone else seen this, and do you have a workaround?
>>> Nothing I've googled, so far, seems to have helped.
>> I neglected to mention...when I manually ran /usr/bin/kstartupconfig4
>> from
>> an ssh shell, I get this error:
>> [mburger winblows ~]$ /usr/bin/kstartupconfig4
>> /usr/bin/kstartupconfig4: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQtDBus.so.4:
>> undefined symbol: _ZN14QObjectPrivate15checkWindowRoleEv
> You don't happen to have any local/private copies of qt(4) installed do
> you?
> We've seen users report this error a few times, and in that has been the
> case every time so far.

Nope...I try not to compile and install, unless there's absolutely no RPM

Mike Burger

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