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Re: Using mencoder, dvdauthor and burning a DVD iso - what went wrong in the process ?

Mark Ryden wrote:
 I tried several times to convert an an avi to a DVD and than to burn
 it and try to play it on a DVD player (no a PC dvd).
 The result is that I have to make many attemps to try to insert the
 media inside the DVD and wait. After many such attempts is start correctly.

  This happened to me with more than one media. However, I must say that the DVD
	itslef is brand new and from good quality and it plays DVD without any
	Could it be that something in the process is incorrect or there is a better way
	to do it ?
	What I do is this:
	I have movie.avi.
	I run:
mencoder -oac lavc -ovc lavc -of mpeg -mpegopts format=dvd -vf
scale=720:576,harddup -srate 48000 -af lavcresample=48000 -lavcopts
-ofps 25 -o movie.mpg /work/down/mov/homeAlone1/movie.avi

than I use dvdauthor, in this way:

dvdauthor -o dvdFolder -x dvd.xml

whereas the dvd.xml is this:

    <vmgm />
                <vob file="movie.mpg" />

Now, under dvdFolder, two folders are created: AUDIO_TS  VIDEO_TS
and everything is OK. When I try to play the result with vlc, by
running File->Open Directiry and navigate to the VIDEO_TS, everything
is perfect.
Now , I create an .iso, in this way:
mkisofs -o movie.iso -dvd-video pathTodvdFolder.

The I burn this movie.iso with k3b ( By tools->Burn DVD iso from k3b).

When I try to play the DVD media I burned with the PC DVD - it is perfectly OK.

When I try to play the DVD media with a non-PC DVD (a good quality DVD
which is connected to
a TV), I have problems as depicted above. It does not play it
immediately. I have
to try 5 or more time to insert the DVD and pull it out and again, untill it
Any ideas what is wrong in this process?


I have a DVD player (RCA) that will only work with one type of DVD. I believe it is DVD+R's. I had a similar issue with a Sony player as well.

As you state that the files work okay on your computer, then it points to a compatibility issue between the computer and DVD player.

Robin Laing

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