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Re: NessusClient's embedded qt4 busted

> Mike Burger wrote:
>> The issue was that the NessusClient application, compiled for Fedora 9,
>> includes a copy of various QT libraries, and the installation process
>> places them in /opt/nessus/lib, places an entry in /etc/ld.so.conf,
>> pointing at that directory, and then runs ldconfig.
>> Because there were pointers at incompatible QT libraries, the process of
>> logging into KDE4 became non-functional.  Commenting out the
>> /opt/nessus/lib line and rerunning ldconfig fixed it for me (thanks to
>> Rex
>> Dieter for helping me get my head back out of my tuchas on that one)
> Speaking of that (sorry, thread hijack warning), would you mind letting
> the
> folks you got the NessusClient rpm from, that it's breaking peoples f9
> systems?
> Otherwise, gimme a pointer, and I'll sic my fedora ninja monkeys on them.

I might let you do that, anyhow...however, I did file a bugzilla report
with them, once we got that figured out.

Mike Burger

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