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Gnome Session Management under Fedora 9

On Tue, 13 May 2008 10:22:21 +0100 (02:22 PDT) Chris G. wrote:
> ´╗┐On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 11:29:56AM +0930, Tim wrote:
> > On Mon, 2008-05-12 at 18:40 +0100, Chris G wrote:
> > > Is it possible in Gnome to save a desktop layout and have it 
> > > restored when you start Gnome again? 
> > 
> > Have you played around with your sessions preferences, yet?
> > 
> No, because I don't use the Gnome window manager at the moment!  :-)
> The whole reason for asking the question was to see if the Gnome
> window manager can do all the things that my current window manager
> (fvwm2) does, or at least if it can do the things that are important
> for me.  If it can then I will probably move to using Gnome rather
> than fvwm2 as it means I have a more 'default' set-up and getting
> answers to questions will be easier as I will be using the same set
> up as most other people.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I've been driven to using gnome instead of KDE, which I've been using
for maybe 5 years because the upgrade from KDE-3 to KDE-4 made it
impossible for me to use it (maybe this will change in the next year of

KDE-3 saves the desktop layout, running processes, etc. whenever a
session ends.  I have been looking for a way to do this in Gnome; it
looks like something in the menu: System->Personal->Sessions would do
the job.  But this doesn't seem to be working.
In fact ...-> Startup Programs seems to require that the "Power Manager"
should be run at startup, but I don't see it on either panel.  Also the
"Setup" function seems to be undocumented for the 2.22 level of Gnome.

Thanks - jon

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