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Re: name of program

On Tue, 03 Jun 2008 10:59:58 -0400, max bianco wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 9:25 PM, Amadeus W.M. <amadeus84 verizon net>
> wrote:
>> What's the name of that program that can be used to display stock
>> market charts? I first saw it in F7. I can add it to a pannel (right
>> click -> add to panel -> Invest), but I probably don't have it
>> installed, because nothing happens when I click the icon on the panel.
>> And I did search for "invest", "stock", "market", "ticker", "tracker"
>> with yum and found nothing that might ring a bell.
> Invest is the right name. I  check my stocks with it too. Are you using
> gnome or kde? Its still there in gnome but I don't know about kde. Did
> you remove any packages from your install that you thought you might not
> need? I am pretty sure its part of the gnome-applets package.  I am
> still playing with the new kde. Maybe there is a stocks widget? I
> haven't looked.
> I love the menu. Reminds me of what open suse was doing in 10.2. Not
> like the ever expanding menu nightmare that confronted me in f7. I am
> finding it pretty usable but after so much time using gnome i am having
> to adjust plus kde isn't quite finished with the reworking. Still soon I
> will make the transition back to KDE completely. I have missed K3B and
> amarok among others(which i notice is missing replaced by Juk or is JUk
> a new amarok?I am out of the loop here) Anyway, i am getting off the
> subject. gnome-applets package should have what you need.

[root phoenix ~]# yum list | grep -i invest
[root phoenix ~]# 

yum doesn't find it. 

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