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Re: Dual monitors in F9 ?

---- "Stephen Berg (Contractor)" <stephen berg nrlssc navy mil> wrote: 
> linuxguy wrote:
> > Has anyone gotten dual monitors to work in F9 with Nvidia ?
> >
> > I've go the latest Livna Nvidia packages installed.   Xorg works OK with
> > a single monitor, but it hangs when I start X with 2 connected.   Any
> > idea ?
> >
> > Thanks.
> I used the kmod packages from Livna and have a dual head setup working 
> just fine at home.  Did you run the nvidia-xconfig utility?  That seemed 
> to do the trick for me without any manual tweaking needed.

Would you mind posting your xorg.conf file? Did you write it yourself or delete it and let X write it or use system-config-display?

I am just using the nv driver and the same configuration that worked fine in F7 before I upgraded to F9 but that didn't work at all; X wouldn't start. Then I tried system-config-display and I the first monitor working the second is a flashing orange screen with random colored blocks.


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