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Re: Slightly OT: Verify certificate?

Tim wrote:
On Wed, 2008-06-04 at 04:34 +0000, g wrote:
never open email you are unsure of.
That's a bit like never eat any food that you've never eaten before.

not really. you can 'whiff' food.

'whiff' you email. maybe more to your understanding, never open email
in an email reader if you are unsure of email.

if you open an email in an editor that is not 'email aware', if there
is some thing in email that 'could/can/meantto' trigger response from
an email reader, 'should_not' trigger anything in editor.

to be more safe, use a hex editor.

 i believe only 'safe' email reader is tried and proven *mutt*.
He said, whilst using Thunderbird...  ;-)

i used to use mutt. now, i use thunderbird.

i set filters in thunderbird. i link folders in thunderbird.

i do not read email in my 'inbox' with thunderbird.

I particularly dislike Thunderbird's method of rendering all mail as if
it were HTML.

then you have not learned how to configure thunderbird. nor run a pre filter
on your email.


yes. i am running fedora 8, using mozilla thunderbird. and it feels good.  ;o)



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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