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Re: Logwatch report on another machine?

OP seems to have two problems:

1) sendmail is not configured correctly, email sent by cron jobs is
not delivered.
2) He would like to send mail to an address which is broken, either
the domain doers not exist or DNS not working right? Could it be that
his machine has the hostname set as 'alfred' and is on the
gayleard.com network, so thinks of itself as alfred.gayleard.com, but
his ISP (gayleard?) has not set things up so that DNS can resolve that

Anyhow, logwatch may or may not be configured correctly, but the
reports will never show up until sendmail gets configured properly.
His ISP should be able to help? Mine would probably tell me to go buy
a windoze PC.

It might be simpler to have logwatch send the reports to an external
account, like gmail or yahoo, but that still requires sendmail to work
for sending email.


On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 10:51 PM, Frederick William New
<Frederick-William New microlink ee> wrote:
> On 4. juuni 2008. a. 2:56, Timothy Murphy wrote
>> How can I get the logwatch report on one machine (helen.gayleard.com)
>> sent to another machine (alfred.gayleard.com) on the same LAN?
>> I tried editing /etc/aliases on the first machine,
>> changing the last line to
>>         root:           tim alfred gayleard com
>> (and running newaliases) but this did not do the trick.
>> I also tried adding MAILER(local) in sendmail.mc on helen
>> (and restarting sendmail), but this appeared to have no effect.
>> I'm not sure what MAILER(local) means?
>> It seems to be more difficult than I thought
>> to send email from one machine on a LAN to another.
>> Is there some line I could add to sendmail.mc which would enable this?
> On my network, I also need to set SMART_HOST in sendmail.mc to the mail relay host provided by my ISP.

Maybe this will get sendmail working.

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> Systems Administrator
> AS MicroLink Eesti
> Tallinn, Estonia
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