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Re: OT: Does a proxy IMAP server exist?

Tom Horsley wrote:
Just curious if such a thing as a "proxy IMAP" server exists? (Preferably
already available in some rpm I can install on fedora :-).

What is that, you ask?

I'd like to continue to keep my mail on the IMAP server at work, but I'd
like better spam filtering than the server-side rules provide.

What I'd really like to have is something on my desktop that acts like
an IMAP server, but really forwards requests to the main server, however
it does allow me to do procmail/spamassassin/bogofilter processing of the mail
on the corporate IMAP server so I can delete obvious spam, etc. before
anything talking to my local IMAP server even sees it.

I'm not sure if a typical proxy would give you any hooks for actions on the content. Many IMAP clients can apply client-side rules to sort and filter if you want to keep the storage on the original server - or you don't mind making another copy you could use fetchmail to grab it (with or without deleting from the original server) so you can feed it to procmail before it is stored where you look at it.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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