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Re: F9 Installation Challenge

Dave Cross wrote:
As mentioned in a couple of previous mails to this list, trying to
upgrade my laptop[1] from F8 to F9 has gone horribly wrong. I'd really
appreciate any help to fix this.

I basically have two problems.

1/ I can't use any of the Fedora boot media. When I boot with the
installation DVD I get to the "press enter to install or upgrade
Fedora" screen, but the keyboard is disabled so I can't press enter.
I've also tried with the Live CD and the rescue disk, but neither of
those work either. I've also created a boot USB key, but the BIOS on
this system doesn't support booting like that. This is a problem I've
hard with Fedora installation media right back to F7. For the last few
upgrades I've used "yum upgrade".
Simple, if obvious question: Have you tried using an external keyboard? Naturally, most keyboards should "just work" regardless of the operating system, including on a laptop, but if it isn't, perhaps trying an external keyboard may help. Off hand, it sounds like your laptop's keyboard may be using USB internally rather than the PS2 standards, and perhaps it the BIOS doesn't have any option for legacy USB keyboard support or something along those lines. If it has a PS2 port, try connecting a PS2 keyboard to it and see if that will allow you to install. If not, perhaps an external USB keyboard will work.

Just a thought,

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