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Re: OT: Does a proxy IMAP server exist?

Tom Horsley writes:

What I'd really like to have is something on my desktop that acts like
an IMAP server, but really forwards requests to the main server, however
it does allow me to do procmail/spamassassin/bogofilter processing of the mail
on the corporate IMAP server so I can delete obvious spam, etc. before
anything talking to my local IMAP server even sees it.

Given the complexity of IMAP, I would be rather surprised if such a beast ever exists. Most of the other replies to your post have ignored this part of your requirements.

You're better of with the approach of running fetchmail to download messages to your local IMAP mailbox (and they'll probably have to be deleted from your corporate IMAP server, unless fetchmail can keep track of which ones it already downloaded -- and I don't know if it can) and filtering it on your local IMAP mailbox.

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