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how to disable global auto replay for certain sender adresses


we do have a fax/voicebox system, which forwards the messages/audiorecords as an attachement to users e-mail-address.

The sender-address is  voice/PhoneNumber mail filmakademie de

PhoneNumber is the callers/fax-senders number.

Now, I do have the problem of auto replays to such messages e.g. if users are out of office or quota exceeded, as the sender-adresses are no real existing addresses, so the mailserver ping-pongs e-mails and warnings about unknown users and quotas.

My question: has somone an idea how to handle this problem global? Users could write a rule for there own account, but this is some how difficult with our Layer 8 :-)

We use sendmail-8.13.8-2, procmail-3.22.

Thanks for any hints and best regards

Götz Reinicke
Götz Reinicke
IT Koordinator

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Prof. Thomas Schadt

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