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SOLVED: Weird SELinux problem after upgrade to F9

> On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 03:13:08PM -0400, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
>> You might need to check your user database
>> semanage user -l
>> semanage login -l

Thank you for this hint.

I tracked the issue to a manifestation of the following bug:


The fix was to do as one of the comments in the bug report suggested.
First, I downloaded both the F7 and F9 selinux-policy* packages.
Then, I did as follows:

1) mv /etc/selinux /etc/selinux.old

2) rpm --oldpackage -Uvh selinux-policy*fc7*

3) boot into the F9 rescue mode

4) chroot /mnt/sysimage

5) rpm -Uvh selinux-policy*fc9*
  (this last step took a long time, but the upgrade fixed the user_u
  issues while operating in a sane SELinux environment)

6) Reboot

Thanks a lot for the pointer!

Best regards,


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