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Re: f9: where is the graphic application to configure "login window preference"

Tim wrote:
> Okay, that gets you background changes, but what about other GDM
> parameters?  If you want to do other things, timed logons, etc.,
> then you will have to hand edit the configuration files.

Yeah.  I was only pointing out that the method for changing the
background detailed on the hacktux.com site probably isn't the best
way to do that.  For one, that method changes the default background
for all users, not just for gdm.

A gui tool will come eventually.  But it's not really that hard to
tweak things by editing files.  Even when gdmsetup was around, I
preferred to edit the config file directly.  I guess I'm weird. ;)

For more details on what can be changed and where to change it, see:


(I'm not sure if that was posted in any of the recent threads or not.)

> I hope GDM's efficiency gets improved, it takes quite some time for
> it to do its business, much slower than the older version.

I haven't noticed it being much slower for me.  But I also don't spend
much time at the login screen.  If I see it more than once a week,
it's only if I'm trying to configure it.

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