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Re: Special Character Problem

Ed Greshko wrote:
Raymond C. Rodgers wrote:
Hi folks,
I have a rather annoying problem. My company uses a special character as a part of a password for an ftp account a Linux server, and I cannot seem to get Fedora 9 to connect to the server as a result. All the Windows and even Mac clients that connect to that server seem to have no problem, it's just that I can't seem to get another Linux box to do the same.

The character keystroke under Windows is ALT-248. Now, I've used the Character Map in F9 to identify the character (by using the find feature) simply as the degree symbol, though it appears slightly different under Windows, which is apparently U+00B0. The catch is even when I copy the password from a known good source (an Excel file opened in OpenOffice), connection attempts to the server fail.

Although I have the power to do so, I'm very reluctant to change the password because of my co-workers; while they're willing to change things, they'd have to update a fair number of ftp programs, and frankly aside from my difficulties with it under Linux, it seems to be a pretty good password. Obviously, it should be possible to enter this password under Linux since it was set on a Linux box, but I seem to be out of ideas of how to do it.

Anyone have any good ideas?

I've always thought that when you entered the ALT character in Windows you had to enter it with a leading 0. So, ALT-248 really should be typed "ALT-0248".

If I type "ALT-0248" in windows I get ø while if I type "ALT-248" I do get °.

Now you say it look slight different under windows. Maybe they actually are different. I guess what I would do is to create a file under windows with the character that you need and then cat it on a terminal window and use it as the input. I would also use a hex editor to examine the file to make sure it is the code that you think it is.

Oh...funny thing I forgot to mention....

When cat in linux the above looks different... I get º and ° and indeed they are different one is U+00B0 and the other is U+00BA.

I get the feeling that is your difference.


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