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Re: Thunderbird

On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 15:52 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Friday 06 June 2008 15:22:03 Craig White wrote:
> > .I really don't like default configuration of
> > IMAP client applications that 'MOVE' mail into a 'Deleted Items' or
> > 'Trash' folder when the user clicks delete. I find many users never
> > 'empty the trash' (or EXPUNGE) and the mail just sits there.
> First, I make sure that deletion goes to the IMAP server's trash, not to 
> local.  Then I put a 30 day expiry in kmail on all messages over 30 days but 
> not flagged Important.  That moves them to the server's Trash.  I have a 60 
> day expiry on the trash.  If I haven't needed it by then I'm pretty certain I 
> won't need it at all :-)
> There have been times, just a few, when I couldn't find the message I wanted 
> to refer back to, and have found them in the Trash folder.  Belt, 
> braces/suspenders and a bit of string :-)
The issue isn't knowledgeable users like yourself but rather the
opposite...un-knowledgeable users.

That said...you are opting for your client application (Kmail) to manage
things that a more robust IMAP server like cyrus-imapd can handle by
itself and when you have a lot of users, it's too painful to get them to
manage their settings when you can handle things like this on an
administrator level.

I have one customer with a fair number of users in the office...all of
whom use IMAP except for the owner who insists on using POP3 and has
several thousand deleted e-mails in his 'Trash' sort of just in
case...It's a real PITA because he's using Entourage (Macintosh) and
like Outlook...it stores everything in one file and when it crosses the
4 Gb file size...it implodes. People do strange things with e-mail.


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