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Re: Fedora 9 on Sony VGN-SZ2MB

Tim wrote:
Christian Schuermann:
I recently shot my new notebook on ebay and finally I'm holding it in

That's one tough notebook if it'll take a slug and keep on
ticking....i probably wouldn't complain about a few glitches after i
shot my notebook considering it probably shouldn't work at all.

I presume it was a case of "spellcheck strikes again".  ;-)

Yes but spell check is usually on most of the time. I overlook these things sometimes too : ) Hopefully I did not offend the OP , my comments were meant to be taken lightly but I always seem to forget the disclaimers.

I saw a wonderful demo video [1] from IBM for their laptops, at the
local shops.  They put a laptop on a test rig as used to crash cars into
concrete walls, for safety tests.  You see the laptop fly off, smack
into the wall, screen bending and warping on impact, and *apparently*
still working.  Looks a bit worse for wear, though.  ;-)

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw78gcU713g&feature=related

I will check it out.

If opinions were really like assholes the we'd each have just one

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