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Re: make thunderbird NOT show html

Mike Wright wrote:

Does anybody know how to make Thunderbird display only the text/plain portion of multipart email?

As already mentioned: a quick ALT-V-B-P will set plain text viewing for all messages. Don't forget to disallow the default viewing of images in messages too.

Another important thing to change is the default for creating messages, found in the "Account Settings" dialog window. Click on the "Composition & Addressing" option for each account and uncheck the "Compose messages in HTML format" option.

And while you're there, please set it so that replies start below the original message (bottom posting). That way no one has to read backwards to follow a thread. I might top post on the occasional personal message but I ALWAYS bottom post messages to a list.

And, while I abhore html mail, there are some (very few) that I will view in that mode. If my hand is on the keyboard I run with the hotkeys but if it's on the mouse I have a handy add-on button that allows a one time switch to html viewing (and it doesn't mess with my default text only choice). If it's of interest search for "Allow HTML Temp" at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/

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