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Re: F9 Installation Challenge

Dave Cross wrote:
As mentioned in a couple of previous mails to this list, trying to
upgrade my laptop[1] from F8 to F9 has gone horribly wrong. I'd really
appreciate any help to fix this.

I basically have two problems.

1/ I can't use any of the Fedora boot media.

This is well discussed here.

The new media has GRUB on it (starting with F8). Some BIOS don't like it and the keyboard becomes unusable, or the machine hard hangs.

The workaround is to prevent the GRUB menu from coming up.

There are two methods that have been discussed, one of which I have used many times. (I install 30-40 systems a week in testing, sometimes)

As the machine boots to media, after BIOS messages, and before any boot messages, press Escape repeatedly. This will prevent GRUB from loading and provide the old style prompts. The keyboard will work here.

Also, someone suggested recently that holding down the left shift key will have the same effect. I have not tested this yet.

In any case, the workaround is to prevent GRUB from loading.

Good Luck!

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